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Hello, my name is Chris Schamber, I am a C-3-4-5 Quadriplegic that is looking for a more independent life.  The level of my break is considered a high level quadriplegic, with only bicep and deltoid movement.  34 years ago I had a diving accident that changed my life forever.  Since then I have gone through a lot, from depression to exploring a plan for the future wondering how and what can I do with my life?  I returned to a secondary institution 16 years ago and I have learned that I am able to do more for myself. I have attended the Lethbridge Community College, and was enrolled in Engineering Drafting and Design. 



I am striving to do as much in life as I am able.  I have been able to find some part time work designing Barrier Free Accessible rental suites.  Since then I've started my own business in the hopes of trying to make life easier for other people with disabilities.  In the city I live in there is an inadequate amount of accessible rental suites.  I have designed some accessible complexes that I would like to see developed in the years to come.  These complexes will benefit people who are in of need accessible rental suites as there is a lack of around Alberta.

Barrier free access is crucial in our society. It is estimated that over the next decade, 20% of the population of Canada will need barrier free buildings, sidewalks, intersections, pedestrian buttons, recreation facilities, etc. There are 332,000 people in Alberta, 18 years of age or older living with a disability. In total there are 500,000 people in Alberta with a disability.  The most recent census of Canadians states that 4% have a very severe disability which likely means they use a wheelchair or some other device. 

My company, Quad Design & Barrier Fee Consulting, is in the business of providing knowledge of barrier free access advice to municipalities and other authorities and agencies. Through my day to day travels in my city, I meet many people with various disabilities.  They may be in wheelchair, scooter, pushing a walker or are with visual, auditory or other disabilities.  They help me to visualize what needs to be done to help make a barrier free tomorrow.